Misty Gaze is on the go in a ‘Time-mix’ from the 20s to the present day, and with an inspiration from dark smoky Danish Jazz clubs to the big city glamour of Hollywood, and with a dash of New York mystery from Film Noir.

Misty drags in her audience in a silly, sexy, humorous, flirtatious, sensual and seductive way. She has been called a ‘Mad Hatter’ and she has so much fun being just that, but she is at the same time a very serious lady, that strives to create surprising acts that tantalizes. She uses a combination of something hilarious and awesome, amazing and revealing, and gives her acts attitude, style and mystery.

Misty is especially a spontaneous, playful, teasing and arousing girl in a sweet, often rather exaggerated way. She loves the burlesque ‘Art of seduction’, and the entertainment of showing ‘places with bare’ to this weird and wonderful world and its people.