Misty Gaze is on the go in a ‘Time-mix’ from the 20s to the present day, and with an inspiration from dark smoky Danish Jazz clubs to the big city glamour of Hollywood, and with a dash of New York mystery from Film Noir. Misty drags in her audience in a silly, sexy, humorous, flirtatious, sensual and seductive way. She has been called a ‘Mad Hatter’ and she has so much fun being just that, but she is at the same time a very serious lady, that strives to create surprising acts that tantalizes. She uses a combination of something hilarious and awesome, amazing and revealing, and gives her acts attitude, style and mystery. Misty is especially a spontaneous, playful, teasing and arousing girl in a sweet, often rather exaggerated way. She loves the burlesque ‘Art of seduction’, and the entertainment of showing ‘places with bare’ to this weird and wonderful world and its people.


PLUMES is a newly developed performance Art-Collective, and we have created www.plumes.online as our working platform, until we have a stage to perform on, with BLOG’s on inspiration and thoughts on burlesque, life and For the Love of Nature – A Burlesque Symposium! The title of our first PLUMES performance.
PLUMES are developed in December 2018 by Misty Gaze, Miss Woodville and Mama Mangita! We are three professional performing femme fatales, who began working together back in 2015 on the burlesque inspired theatre show Misty Gaze will Amaze – 100 years of Women’s Right to Vote, performed on The Boat Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark. With audiences, women and men, young as old, long haired as bold, intrigued and humored by our work, we felt that we with this niche performance-art had touched a universal ore!
Why the company name PLUMES? Plumes are the essentials in burlesque and the embodiment of our theatrical fascination with nature: Light, fluffy, ro-bust. Feathers, wings to fly on. Quills, to write with. Birds, our origin. Soft, sexy, colorful. Bombastic, Fan-tastic and smackin’ Ass-tastic.

Misty Gaze with PLUMES!


A Burlesque inspired theatre show. For 4. dazzling and mesmerizing evenings at Bådteatret in Copenhagen, 26-29th of Oct. 2015 we are celebrating women, curves, and rights to vote at The Boat Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark baadteatret.dk/misty-gaze-will-amaze/.
The style will be festive and imaginative, weird and wonderful. Inspired by the history of women in the last 100 years, sensuality and poetry, we will entertain, amuse and challenge. With newly composed music and sound, performance art and the fascination of ‘the glamorous’ and ‘the art of seduction’, intellectually, artistically and personally, we will turn the social norms a little bit upside down and enjoy the illusion…

The Poster for Misty Gaza will Amaze – 100 years of Women’s Right to Vote.